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With live interactive and comprehensive lessons

Get trained by professionals from UpskillChess which offers interactive online chess classes for your child to master the games with the right guidance, training and analysis.

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Develop your:

Concentration Problem solving Decision making Visualization Patience Pattern Recognition


Trained professionals

All the coaches offering chess lessons are international FIDE rated chess players.

Fun and interactive learning

We provide chess classes for small groups as well as personally curated live lessons with an aim to provide an interactive chess course.


We arrange regular online chess tournaments with prices to keep the students motivated along with the training of chess classes.

Harshal patil

Chess Player

Harshal is a FIDE-rated chess coach from Nashik who has vast experience working with kids of various ages and abilities in order to help them achieve their full potential. Over the course of eight years, he has gained a thorough understanding of the complexities of how video games affect children’s mental and psychological development. He’s competed in over 60 FIDE (World Chess Organization) rated events, so he’s got a lot of experience.

Harshal frequently utilises chess as a facilitator to teach key life lessons that can be taught through the game. He utilises clear examples to assist his students to connect what they learn on the chessboard to real-life situations. Harshal is also a chess player who competes in Fide tournaments and on on a regular basis. On, he has over 2400+ chess blitz, rapid, and bullet ratings.

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How the lesson will be conducted?

All the chess lessons will be conducted online in a liver interactive format. The club will send you a link to join the online chess course. You can take the online demo session from anywhere at your convenience.
Students only need :-
1) Laptop, Mobile or Ipad.
2) Good internet connection.
3) Willingness to learn chess.

How many classes do you take in a week?

Personalised chess lessons can be modified as per your convenience and learning goals. Group lessons are in a format of twice / thrice / four times a week.

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Why should kids learn chess?

Chess improves concentration, creativity, logical thinking, patience, decision-making, strategy, focus, planning, IQ, analytic skills, memory, sportsmanship, problem-solving, perspective, and a variety of other skills. All of these vital life skills will benefit children in areas other than chess. To learn more, go here. (This is a lifestyle redirection.)

What do we need to start class? Do we need physical chess board to take lessons?

No. students don’t need a physical chessboard. Lessons will be on a virtual chessboard.

Students only need:-
1) Laptop, Mobile or Ipad.
2) Good internet connection.
3) Willingness to learn chess.

Do parents have to be with children during live classes?

Parents only need to be present in earlier stages to create a login id, passwords etc. till students get used to all apps/websites. Usually, it takes 10 min. With chess teaching online, the parents don’t need to be present throughout the session. 

What is the minimum age to start playing chess?

Kids start understanding chess at the age of 5-8. At this age, kids pick up chess quicker than adults.

Chess can be learned at every age ?

There are many benefits to playing chess, for both adults and kids alike. The majority of these benefits deal with developing and improving cognitive brain functions, including problem-solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, pattern recognition, and memorization skills. Also, it helps to potentially raise IQ levels while teaching sportsmanship and building self-confidence at the same time. Not to mention, it is so much fun to play! With an online chess course you can learn chess at any age, any time.


Making Chess Learning into a Brain Gym Exercise for Kids

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