Frequently Asked Question

1) How the lesson will be conducted?

:- All lessons will be conducted online In a Live interactive format. Club will send you the joining link. You can take the online demo session from anywhere as per your convenience.


Students only need:-   1) Laptop, Mobile or Ipad.

                                         2) Good internet connection.

                                         3) Willingness to learn chess.

2) How many classes do you take in a week?

:- Chess helps to Concentration, Creativity, Logical thinking, Patience, Decision making, Strategy, Focus, Planning,  IQ, Analytical Skills, improve Memory, Sportsmanship, Problem solving, perspective and many more. All these important life skills will also help kids in their life outside of chess. Click here to know more. ( Redirection to Lifestyle. )

4) What do we need to start class? Do we need physical chess board to take lessons?

:- No. students doesn’t need physical chess board. Lessons will be on virtual chess board.


Students only  need :-   1) Laptop, Mobile or Ipad.

                                              2) Good internet connection.

                                              3) Willingness to learn chess.

5) Do parents have to be with children during live classes?

:- Parents only need to be present in earlier stages to create login id, passwords etc. till students get used to with all apps/websites. Usually it takes 10 min.

6) What is the minimum age to start playing chess?

:- Kids starts understanding chess at the age of 5-8. At this age kids pick up chess quicker than adults.

Chess can be learned at every age. 

 There are many benefits to playing chess, for both adults and kids alike. The majority of these benefits deal with developing and improving cognitive brain functions, including problem-solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, pattern recognition, and memorization skills. Also, it helps to potentially raise IQ levels while teaching sportsmanship and building self-confidence at the same time. Not to mention, it is so much fun to play!

7) How long does it take to become good chess player?

:- After finishing Beginner level ( Pawn, knight and Bishop ) Kid will  know more about chess than any average adult who plays chess occasionally as hobby.

8) Who will teach?

:- All coaches International FIDE rated chess players.

9) What is FIDE?

:- Federation Internationale des Eches ( FIDE ) is a World chess federation.

10) Can we measure the progress of a student?

:- Yes. We have Progress Tracker. Tests and assessment is a part of the curriculum. You would also get the graph of students’ ratings.

11) Do we get certificates of course?

:- Yes. Students E-certificates after finishing the courses and passing the tests.

12) Do you provide assistance after the classes too?

:- We are happy to discuss any issues and support required after class.


13) Do you conduct chess tournaments?

:- Yes we do conduct online chess tournaments regularly. Contact us to register.


14) Do you provide regular lessons and homework?

:- Yes. We believe that regular lessons and homework is necessary for the student to improve faster.

15) What are the Advantages of learning online?

:- – Flexible schedule & eliminating travel time.


   – Good FIDE Rated Coaches which are not easily accessible are now available.

   – Saves time by learning on a digital chessboard.

16) What is Classical chess? What are types of Chess?

:- In FIDE ( Official ) there are these 3 types of chess.


1) Blitz Chess –  5min + 3 sec / 3min + 2 sec ( Increment ) time control.

2) Rapid Chess –  15min + 5 sec / 25 min + 5 sec ( Increment ) time control.

3) Classical Chess – 60min + 30 sec / 90min + 30 sec ( increment ) time control.


Classical Chess Champion is known as World Chess Champions.


Making Chess Learning into a Brain Gym Exercise for Kids

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    Schedule a free demo and get 25% off

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