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Upskill Chess was born when a passion for Chess met with the purpose of nurturing young minds. It was the huge potential of Brain games like Chess to stimulate cognitive patterns and fine-tune one’s innate capabilities that inspired us to take our programs beyond mere game training. Our training programs, for kids aged 4 years and above, are designed to help every student to improve his or her Analytical skills and grow into productive and competent individuals.


Train young talents to discover and unleash their innate potential, develop life skills to equip them for a productive life and to Upskill them to reach professional chess level.

About Harshal

Harshal - Founder, International fide rated player.

Harshal is a FIDE Rated Chess Coach from Nashik, He has extensive experience working with all types of students in helping them reach their highest potential. The vast experience over 8 years has helped him understand the nuances of how the games influence the mental and psychological development of children. He has broad experience over 60+ FIDE ( World Chess Organization ) rated tournaments.

More than just a mere skill, Harshal often uses chess as a facilitator to explain valuable life lessons that can be taught by Chess. He uses crisp examples that help his students to relate many life lessons to what they learn on the chessboard. Harshal is also an active chess player and regularly plays Fide tournaments as well as on chess com His Chess Blitz, Rapid, & Bullet Ratings on chess.com are over 2400+. https://www.chess.com/member/harshalpatil2001

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Making Chess Learning into a Brain Gym Exercise for Kids

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    Schedule a free demo and get 25% off

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